10 Udemy Courses for Digital Marketing

courses for digital marketing

We do not know if you are growing your own business or that of someone else. Whether you look after SEO, content, social media or something else but we surely know that if you are associated with Digital Marketing then this article is worth reading. We have brought you 10 Udemy courses for Digital Marketing which you need to check. Though they are not free courses, they are top-rated courses which many have found beneficial. Why don’t you have a look yourself?

10 Udemy Courses for Digital Marketing

Facebook Marketing - Build Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Score: 4.9

You don’t’ need to have chatbots knowledge on this, only you need to have the willingness to learn. Even if you don’t have coding knowledge that’s okay!

Course Fee: Rs:770/-

It is 11.5 hrs-demand video

What will you learn in this?

Every online business needs a chatbot & this course is the highest rated Facebook marketing course aiming to teach you to build your own chatbots using MobileMonkey.

Isaac Rudansky is a Udemy bestselling instructor who takes this course & has over 100,000 students. He helps you get 80-90% engagement rate. His teaching has been drawn from his experience of running campaigns for clients like Forbes Magazine, AMC Networks, and hundreds of other prominent brands & corporations.

You can stop worrying and let the bots do the job of sending personalized text messages which will be based on your conversations with many other customers & leads. You can get an automated text message when your leads need you to call back. You can send case studies, eBooks, and videos to your leads through a drip campaign automatically. Your leads can register for webinars directly through messenger. If you want all of these facilities, please make it a point to learn through this course.

10 Email Marketing Strategies That Make Me 6-Figures

Course fee: Rs. 770/-

This course is for entrepreneurs, influencers, professionals and organizations. You only need a free MailChimp account for this.

You will learn 10 effective strategies for email marketing in this course. This is 2hrs on-demand video course for 770 Rs/-By this course you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Though you need to focus on social media today, email marketing should not be overlooked. You can learn how to send welcome emails, abandoned & retargeting emails, secret offer emails, loyalty emails, discount & free credit emails, competition emails, social proof emails, referral emails, on-demand emails.

You will get live-screen video demonstrations on Mailchimp to learn all of the things mentioned above. Well wishes for learning all the 9 types of emails.

Write to Ignite – Master the Art of Sales Copy & Copywriting

Course fee: Rs. 900/-

Your writing skills determine your marketing success. That’s why we have brought this Udemy course to your notice. Your income depends on your writing & thus you need to master the fundamentals of copywriting to grow your business. This is course is designed for marketing people and all copywriters who want to get more clicks, more subscribers, and more sales.

In this course, you will learn how to move people to action using very simple language. For that, you will be taught simple 3-part Sales copy formula. Step by step from headline to call-to-action, you will be taught how to confidently write everything.

You will also know,

  • How to quickly know your customers
  • How to give the audience the confidence to buy
  • How to format your sales copy

Take this course & become a better copywriter today

Build a Shopify Print on Demand Business from Scratch

Course fee: Rs. 900/-

Do you want to build your own Shopify store? How can you do all the Shopify setting? How can you source graphics and designs for your course? Learn how to launch Facebook Ads in this 8 hr on-demand video course & you can access this for the lifetime. You can add the Instagram feed to your store & you have a variety of free themes.

You can learn all these details from Adam, who has taught to over 30,000 students. Also, Adam will teach you how to launch Facebook retargeting Ads. You will drive traffic to your Shopify store using both paid and free methods. He will cover all that you need to know to start your Shopify store.

The Ultimate ClickFunnels Training Course + FREE Funnels!

10 Udemy Courses for Digital MarketingCourse fee: Rs. 900/-

This course will teach you to use ClickFunnels to build high converting sales funnels. You need ClickFunnels $97 per month plan & it would be great if you have ActiveCampaign, Zapier.

You can’t market the way you did years ago. Now you have to reach the customers through sales funnel rather than using Ads to make a one-time purchase. You get their email ID and you can approach the same customer for different products as many times as you want and they allow. This is done through Email Marketing. Now, Things have got more strategic and a prospect’s journey at defined by sales funnel. Different stages of sales funnel are used to guide their down to the point of converting. ClickFunnel is a tool that helps business to build their sales funnel & this course is designed for you to have an understanding of the course.

Ultimate Google Analytics course + 50 practical examples

Course fee: Rs. 900/-

This course is designed for everyone who wants to learn about Google Analytics. This course will teach you about Google Analytics Tool but more than that you will learn tips on growing traffic for your business. Basic metric information, Website optimization, UTM parameters, Socio demo data to website traffic evaluation, etc will be studied in this article. If you can access any Google Analytics account and you have the willingness to learn, then that is everything you need to have.

There will be 50 practical examples given in this course & also you will be made to practice 100 quiz questions. This course helps you develop the ability to make the right data decisions. You will know which Google Analytics reports are important. Also, you will be able to know how to consider the context and then take the decisions and not be too hasty.

YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business with YouTube

Course fee: Rs. 900/-

If you want to grow your bottom line by getting more customers on YouTube, this course is for you. All you need is the YouTube channel & a Google AdWords account. YouTube has over a billion users & ranking, therefore, is not easy. This course will teach you to make marketing funnel & help you optimize your YouTube channel & videos. You need to be selective in choosing the kind of videos you should create & after you are done you can retarget the same visitors that you have on your website. This workshop will help you understand how to make better videos & how to do keyword research, how to use YouTube Analytics to grow your channel.

Learn How To Design A Killer Landing Page Without Coding

Course fee: Rs. 900/-

You don’t need to have coding skills to design the landing page. This is a 2hrs on-demand video & you need only landing page optimization builder for the fourth section. You will be taught how to use A/B testing for your best. Once you have finished, you need to submit your landing page to the instructor in order to get feedback on that. There are many tools to help you create landing pages but it is like buying a car and not knowing how to drive it.

(2019) Facebook Ads: Facebook / Instagram Advertising Course

Course fee: Rs. 900/-

This is a 2.5 hrs on-demand video course designed for those who want to design & launch Facebook, Instagram & Messenger Ad campaigns. For this course, you need to have the ability to resize the photos & you should also have a business Facebook page. In this course, you will understand the fundamentals of Facebook for the ecosystem. You will get instant access to step-by-step guides, templates, and interactive tools. You will also understand how to use advanced tools like Facebook product feed, dynamic creative, Canvas Ads, and custom breakdowns. You will also learn to build a lookalike audience. You will be taught about dynamic display remarketing, manual pixel-based remarketing, and on-platform engagement audiences.

Digital Marketing Course: Learn Digital Marketing Automation

Course fee: Rs. 900/-

If you are starting up your career in digital marketing, this is the course you need to have a look at. This is a 3.5 hrs on-demand video course which will teach you how to create & manage the hosting servers. You will also learn to design SEO-friendly landing pages and fully responsive websites. You will learn how to create campaigns that give profit by using emotional trigger in advertising. You can get a free SSL certificate if you learn this course. You will also learn using Google Analytics & Facebook Analytics.

These were top-rated Udemy courses on digital marketing that I got for you. Please go through the list and let me know which one you used and how it benefitted you.

I am a digital marketing executive for Web Configure Technology in India, and I have more than 14 years of expertise in the sector. To gather experience, I have worked for a number of reputable companies in Mumbai, Pune, and Nashik, and now I have an entirely unique business development strategy.