7 Effective Ways to Find SEO Clients in 2019

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There are quite a lot of SEO consultants out there. and then there are SEO people who are actually doing the business.

Often such SEO experts refuse to take up new projects. Yes, they are finding it hard to let out the work within the deadline.

Yes, you read that right. Confused, eh?

Yeah, let me help you in getting this sorted. Actually, such SEO experts are full. They have clients who are begging to pay them money to get their work done. But they are short of time and resources. They literally have TOO MUCH WORK!

So, how come is this possible that there are such sharp contrasts?

Well, definitely you’ll be wishing to get into the busy zone. If so, stay tuned, we’re about to take off! Haha! Just kidding!

Here in this article, I’m going to share 7 such tips that will help you develop an unending stream of incoming clients for SEO projects. So, let’s just start in the descending order.

  1. Set Up an Affiliate Program

Just go ahead and set up a referral program.

It is also known as Affiliate Program. This pretty simple a rule. And as you can already guess from the name that it is quite similar to affiliate marketing.

The rule is, you need to ask your present customers to invite other people and offer them huge discounts in return. Yes, and works like anything.

You can even offer them commissions in return to successful client signups.

I know a lot of SEO consultants who keep on bothering their previous clients to refer them. But does that really work?

Guess, offering them something good in return to their referral. That’ll do the rest.

  1. Keep your website optimized

This is pretty simple an idea but people keep on being reluctant to it.

We, being in the business keep on asking people to optimize their sites to rank higher than they do. But at the end of the day, we keep away from doing the same.7 Effective Ways to Find SEO Clients in 2019

Your Google search result or advertisement might mention you as the best company in this whole galaxy but what after that?

Your potential buyers will enter your website lured by what they saw, but usually, the website ends up disappointing them and thus the bounce rate curve goes steeper than ever.

  1. Guest Blogging Is a Must

Being a marketer, you must be aware of the importance of guest blogging, aren’t you?

Yes, you ought to be.

Guest blogging is basically a channel through which marketers try and bring customers to their website from various other portals.

7 Effective Ways to Find SEO Clients in 2019Now if you can think out it in a different way, it will make your work easier.

If you work for the local market, just jump down there, seek for the portals where the local organizations gather information from. Go to those websites and check what the keywords they are using to fetch customers.

And if you are focusing on the top-notch enterprises, just the portals they follow for their piece of information.

Craft content accordingly and you’re ready to go!

  1. Develop Free Tools

This isn’t my idea, TBH. But this is what organizations have been doing since ever.

Yes, if you offer free tools that are useful, people are going to love them for sure. And you’ll surely get recommendations from all your past and existing clients.

And if you offer tools that are SEO related, you can surely lure a lot of relevant visitors to your website. now just collect information from them and follow them up with emails and offers to make them keep coming for more.

People love stuff that they get for free and you can’t deny this fact.

So, now you know why this is such a valid point.

  1. Email to Let People Know

This is quite an obvious approach but usually, marketers tend to overlook such marketing basics.

Now when you empty and you want to increase your client base.

And not just to your client base but you can also email your past clients, friends, colleagues and certain other people and keep them reminding about your requirement of new clients.

7 Effective Ways to Find SEO Clients in 2019You set up a list to keep things in mind and so that wrong emails don’t get delivered to wrong people.

And if possible, try to personalize your emails. Offer free consultations and other such stuff.

Make your deals so powerful that they fail to ignore them.

  1. Let Out Case Studies

And you already know why I just said this.

Case studies contain a lot of valuable information. Such information can deliberately get you new clients.

But the only problem here is case studies require huge information and cumulating them might turn out as a hectic at a certain point of time.

7 Effective Ways to Find SEO Clients in 2019There’s a lot of work. You need to craft a thesis, conduct a test, cumulate data and develop reports out of them. Yes, there’s a lot to work on.

But case studies are a sure shot thing. They are so compelling that there are examples that can impress your potential clients more than anything.

Just do a thing at the end of your email, attach a contact form of your website and just wait for the perfect moment!

  1. Get into New Forums

And now the final part and this is the most effective one as well.

Forums don’t mean just forums from the past, but just the ones of the new age.

Though the forums of yesteryear might also prove to be quite impactful. Yes, they are also pretty good when it is about networking. But it is better to get a hold on the new ones as there you’ll find much of the fresh crowd you’ve been looking for.

There are several sites out there, starting from Quora to Medium, everything is no doubt pretty useful. They’ll help you develop the image of an expert.

There are also such sites that have Q&A sections. If you keep answering queries over there, they can also prove to be good in helping you get new clients.

Just keep on developing your image of an SEO expert in front of your potential buyers, that’s why matters the most here.


So, as I have summed all this up, and you have gone through this, I guess now you have a clear idea of how to work and what to work on.

Try to reach beyond your circle and that will do the rest.

And if you still face any issues or have any queries, don’t think twice before contacting us.

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