Beginners Guide to the Functions of a Digital Marketing Agency


Marketing is a key management function of any business and marketers have to keep up with the times and choose the ideal channel to spread their message to existing and potential customers. Today, the modern business environment is primarily Internet-driven and hence marketers have to move away from traditional methods and focus more on the online scenario. Brands depend largely on a strong and visible online presence to create awareness amongst purchasers. Ads in the print media, as well as use of banners and posters are on the decline and advertising on various social media and web-based platforms is on the rise. It has been proved to be more effective in capturing the attention of buyers of products and services.

This change has occurred largely because of the exponential boom in usage of Internet-enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and most importantly smartphones. People now search online first for products and services before coming to a purchase decision. If a business website does not rank high on results pages of major search engines, it will escape the attention of searchers and result in lost opportunities in sales and conversions. This is where a digital marketing campaign by an established agency just like One Stop Media comes in handy as they devise strategies to increase online visibility and drive higher volumes of traffic to the site.

Beginners Guide to the Functions of a Digital Marketing Agency

Here are the primary functions of a Digital Marketing Agency.

  1. Web Design and Development – A good optimised digital marketing campaign depends largely on a user-friendly and well designed website and this is the first point of start of any campaign. A good website design in the ultimate analysis plays a major role in determining how easily visitors find what they are looking for and how well a website will rank online. All sites created by Web Development Services Company will be responsive in nature that is, the sites will be equally clear and navigable on laptops, tablets and smart phones regardless of the screen size. This is very crucial as searchers today browse the Internet round the clock even while on the go from their hand held devices.


  • Online digital marketing – There are various strategies that are developed by digital marketing agencies based on client requirements and target audience. The advantage of digital marketing is that precise sectors of the population can be focussed on that will give maximum returns on market spend. An example will help illustrate this point better. If a business has a range of operations that is largely limited to say Melbourne and its suburbs, an online marketing agency in Australia can create a campaign on local search engines that will reach out to the local population only. Some of the tools and technologies used by digital agencies to structure online digital marketing campaigns are email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, Google AdWords and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).


  • Tracking – Unlike banners and poster advertisements, a digital marketing agency can precisely track results of a campaign they create with advanced tools and technologies. Google analytics is one of them. It provides a detailed analysis of inward traffic to the site, behavioural patterns of the visitors and how products and services on offer are getting client response on various advertising platforms. Based on these findings, agencies tweak their campaigns for better results and higher returns.

These are just the basic activities of online digital marketing agencies. However, their role and activities go much beyond these aspects on a more sophisticated and cutting edge plane.


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