What are the best E-commerce Website Development Technology?


Previously, buying and selling of products were to be a difficult task but now the circumstances have changed. With the evolution of E-commerce, the things turned much easier.

What is E-commerce? 

It refers to a type of business model that facilitates the individuals and firms to conduct their businesses over a smooth electronic network i.e. the internet. Almost all the products and services from books to music to financial services to plane tickets can be offered through e-commerce.

E-commerce operates in four major markets such as:

  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Consumer to consumer
  • Consumer to business.

Allowing the individuals to establish the marketplace or to improve their present market position by offering cheaper and more effectual distribution chain, e-commerce is becoming famous day by day.

The best E-commerce Website Development Technology

 As we all know that to ensure the best results from a thing, we have to make efforts. Here also, to get the most out of your e-commerce marketing, you need to select and utilize the best E-commerce website development technologies.

Most of the technologies provide the common features that make you develop a cutting-edge website. Sites with professional and elegant looking themes, responsive designs, templates, and more.

So, making the wise decision on selecting the correct technology for an e-commerce website is somehow difficult.

Hence, having the objective to aid you to decide efficiently, we are here with a list of the latest and the best web technologies. Take a look:


While planning or running the project of setting up your e-commerce store, you will find that the requirements are altering, either subtly, or dramatically. At that time, you need a web technology that aids you to overcome all the challenges. Magento is one the most famous, trustworthy, and effective e-commerce platforms for satisfying B2C and B2B customers. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the availability of extensions that allow easy integration with third party’s products and services.


Undoubtedly, Shopify is one of the highly preferred and most popular web technologies used to host the e-commerce websites. Its record of tracking and keeping up with every latest change and adding new features on regular basis is really impressive.

Since 50 % of all the e-commerce transactions take place on mobile devices, responsive checkout that is turning as a favorable feature should be used for your store. Shopify allows you to expect the responsive checkouts without any trouble. Moreover, it enables your customers to make payments in Bitcoins rather than going for traditional currency.


 Holding a really great position, BigCommerce is a web technology that has a big and flourishing community of developers existing worldwide. It makes you expect the regular addition of a number of new features as well as functionalities. Moreover, the developers here are well-known for providing assurance of staying up-to-date with the latest changing technology trends and market demands. Some relevant features of BigCommerce include built-in blogging, improved SEO, 24/7 customer support, etc.

Hey! Don’t miss that in the year 2014, BigCommerce achieved an EcommerceBytes Seller’s Choice Award. 


 A free and popular e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce is built to perform with WordPress. It is doing a fabulous job of providing the store owners with an opportunity to vend their products with ease and in a quicker manner. Due to its access to premium and free WordPress extensions, WooCommerce has become the first choice of those want to go for a stress-free setup. WooCommerce allows you to:

Sell anything anywhere

Ship anything anywhere

Fetch wide-ranging payment options

As per reports, more than 30 % of the online store holders rely on WooCommerce to meet their needs.


 If you are hosting or want to host an online store for free, then the safest bet is OsCommerce. With it, you as an owner can have a comprehensive access to and control of your store as well as the database. Here, a community of near about 280,000 service providers and store owners always stay ready to aid you at every stage whenever you want help in operating your store.

Being one of the oldest open-source plugins available till date, OsCommerce attains a good reputation.


Another most famous and helpful open source CMS that appears useful for your online stores is OpenCart. A number of features such as a wide range of plugins, CSS, and brilliant backhand use, increase its popularity.

The only negative fact is that when compared with other platforms, the support systems of Open Cart appears a little bit less comprehensive.  

Drupal Commerce

When it comes to technical features, Drupal Commerce sounds to be the unbeatable platform. It is a brilliant stage built from scratch and by keeping the idea – what can be and have to be created with it as well as the framework, in mind. It refers to an excellent online marketing and content management platform that ensure providing an unparalleled experience to its users as well as their customers.

Following WordPress, Drupal Commerce has turned out to be the second most widely used open source content management systems.   


This is also emerging as the next famous platform that has powered near about 1900 stores till today. Making large efforts for achieving its goal of great development and expansion, it is known for providing the users with a lot of qualitative features.

KartRocket appears as the good option for excellent storefront templates. One of the most famous features of it includes providing a clean backend interface.


 If you are planning to create an image-rich and beautiful website, Squarespace can be an excellent option to go for. Its templates are well polished and highly rich. Additionally, its e-commerce tools are quite understandable.

Squarespace is a great platform that allows you to have comprehensive control over your product variants, coupon generation, inventories, configuring shipping choices, and so on. Undoubtedly, it includes all the helpful and essential tools and services needed to create a qualitative e-commerce store.


It might sound strange for you but SimpleCart performs on a motto – “All You Need to Know is HTML”. Therefore, if you are owning a small online store, then this motto-based platform will be the best suitable one to meet all your needs.

The small footprint feature of SimpleCart is capable of meeting a vital requirement i.e. speed. This feature allows it to run really very fast. Apart from it, the platform is known for supporting a variety of currencies.

Conclusion: So, those are the 10 most fantastic web technologies that you can use for the development of your e-commerce website. Hope, the clear explanation of each will help you in picking the best one that suits all your needs. Hence, choose wisely and enjoy the experience of working with an excellently developed e-commerce website.

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