eCommerce Marketing


Marketing is one of the most important components of business growth and brand recognition. It is the greatest ingredient of sales and will definitely help your business grow and flourish. Obviously, marketing isn’t just a task that people can get done without putting much thought into it, which is why we have what you call marketing strategies. Most marketing strategies revolve around the four Ps of the marketing mix; product, price, place, and promotion. However, in modern times, there are other variables that come into play as well. You would be wrong......

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Previously, buying and selling of products were to be a difficult task but now the circumstances have changed. With the evolution of E-commerce, the things turned much easier. What is E-commerce?  It refers to a type of business model that facilitates the individuals and firms to conduct their businesses over a smooth electronic network i.e. the internet. Almost all the products and services from books to music to financial services to plane tickets can be offered through e-commerce. E-commerce operates in four major markets such as: Business to business Business to consumer......

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