Why Relationships Are So Important in Link Building

Why Relationships Are So Important in Link Building

While we all know how important link building tactics are in boosting search engine optimization, there seems to be less focus on the strategies involved. This can be a big mistake because a well-defined strategy is invariably more important than a hastily developed plan based around tactics. A clear-cut strategy will generate better results with less time and money having to be invested into it. One of the most important strategies which every link builder should consider is the power of relationships within your industry.

Build Relationships

As with any kind of marketing for a business, utmost importance is placed on networking. This can be done through social media (LinkedIn, Twitter) or in person (conferences, marketing events). The chances are you already have a number of valuable contacts that you’re on first name terms with. The important part however, is nurturing those relationships to ensure you can count on them when you need them.

No one likes to be the person who is only contacted when they’re needed, it doesn’t work in real-life relationships so why would it work in a business relationship. I’m not saying that you need to become best friends with every other businessman in your industry but you need to build up a sense of trust, likeability and understanding within the relationship; that way they will be more likely to assist you when you need a helping hand.

Give and Take

Once you’ve taken the time to build some strong business relationships within your industry it’s important to approach things right the first time. Start off by linking to their website before they’ve even had chance to ask you and share their content on social media. Next you need to connect with them regularly, either through email, on the phone or even in person if it’s possible, just like you would a personal friendship.

If you put the effort in then the chances are you’ll reap the benefits too. With a reliable relationship created you will then be able to pick up the phone safe in the knowledge that your link requests will be accepted. And if you’ve taken the time to build numerous relationships across the industry your links are more likely to have a far wider reach, something it would’ve taken a lot longer to achieve on your own.

Attract Potential

The best way to attract potential link partners is by optimizing specific pages to rank for search terms that link builders in your industry will look for. By doing so it’s more likely that other marketers will get in touch with you and ask to submit a guest post to your site or if you can link to their website from one of your pages. Once they’ve made contact check out their website and if it appears to be a valuable link partner ask if they can repay the favor.

This system will take time and resources to maintain because you might receive a lot of requests that you’ll have to sort through and not all of them are guaranteed to be worthy link partners. If you’re struggling to build effective relationships and haven’t got the time for the latter option..

The key point to remember is that successful link building depends on a solid strategy. A good strategic plan is imperative when trying to achieve a diverse and natural link profile.

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