Part I. Do i need to check my links?

The hyperlink is the tech cornerstone of the digital world. Just as well, it is the essence of the digital promoting, essentially “linking” the user through the advertising media to the advertiser (not to mention every parties that are available in between).

What if the tracking link is not responding? There are a number of reasons why and the way this might happen, but the result is what all of them have in common. The goal of the ad material will not be reached.

From the advertiser’s perspective – the potential client, who’ve shown certain level of curiosity in their product by clicking on the banner, will get directed to an misleading page or stray on one in all redirect pages. Lost potential customers = lost potential revenue.

A broken affiliate link could be a dangerous for publishers. While website owners can suffer from spotted reputation and the drop of potential revenue, media buyers who suffers most. Sending valuable traffic to the incorrect target is as good blowing your money out of the window.

Ad agencies can also suffer from not working offers if they’re not expelled from their lists. There’s clearly the question of reputation. And there’s an obvious cash loss when money are spent on traffic to the affiliate link that leads nowhere.

So how does one, regardless of of the place in the affiliate pyramid confirm the deal is proper? Obviously by checking the link upon receiving. Let’s have a look at some of routes to do that.

Part II. different and tricky ways that to visualize your affiliate links.

The very first thing to undertake is to view the redirection chain manually. Import the link into your mobile browser and see address bar is changed. However, if your mobile device and GEO-location is not the offer relevant to, you will get destinated for your own location and you will not see the correct page.

You might try employing a IP hide service but there are some cons :

  • number of target location is limited
  • slow connection issues;
  • no device simulation option to evaluate offers
  • many public IPs are blacklisted;
  • you only see the final page

There are some inventive paths, invented by standalone digital marketers, where you’ll employ individuals from the often targeted areas to check the links and send the results. Some cons to that method are

  • A whole ton of manual labor searching for people from different places with the specific devices, specific Android version and the desire to assist you
  • Will they do it fo free? I seriously doubt that, and even if you are willing to pay for such a service, can you imagine the level of nightmare of keeping your payments and books in order
  • There just seems to be too much communication and too many people involved. You’d need to come up with a spreadsheet (make that plural) to monitor the whole bunch of offers you’re dealing with on a daily basis. Sounds like a lot of routine.

Part III. Check your links efficiently and save time and money.

And wherever there’s routine, there’s a code.

If you’ve reached the level when you can brag about the number of offers you’re operating with, it’s time to automatize.

Using Orangear Affiliate Link Checker , there is a big difference in performance.

We offer Speed. Link Checker from Orangear got into the game for links verification later on . It is, however, fast and efficient enough to be in TOP 3. If you’re still not feeling like testing it yourself, take a look at our video comparison to measure the difference.

We offer Accessibility. For the new visitors and those who expect to examine our Checker, we’ve set up a Free of charge, where you get 25 checks a day following a simple method of registration ( GDPR and NO spam policy are enforced).

Working with a lot of offer links. As our clients needs grew, we’ve come up with an API development idea, to ensure that high level of automation may be reached. Our point was in making it each quick and agile, therefore as you receive the raw data on links and redirects sort of API responses, it can be converted and displayed in the most preferable approach within your own software system.

As a result, you get a clearer view of the redirect chain:

  • accurate data on the error (if occurred) – seeing the number of a mistake permits you to contact the providing party with a a selected enquiry, allowing them to take action to correct it;
  • thorough data on the chain helps you to acquire access to the direct source of your offer, this is an entire new level of possibilities for your business.

There are clearly a few of ways you’ll evaluate your links to make it positive the offer is alive. And at the end of the day, choose the route that serves your needs and preferences. We just wanted to give you a choice.

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