The best mobile app development framework for 2020


Some time has passed since the mobile app development market has exploded and the different technologies with which Apps are created have evolved. What we can all agree on is that there has been a giant change when programming web applications.

The best mobile app development framework for 2020

Multiple alternative paradigms have been developing to what previously existed from what was derived from the Android operating system & the little that the iPhone allowed to develop; opening a whole world of different possibilities to all the people willing to get involved in improving our devices.

The new frameworks and complete development kits or SDK expand to a wide range the possibilities with which, now, all organizations are implementing when it comes to modifying their old-fashioned websites and transforming them into mobile applications or web apps; perfectly implemented when viewed on all types of devices.

Choice Of Suitable Framework

Within this process, without a doubt, the most important step is the correct choice of the most suitable framework, in addition to being of vital importance: the correct planning of the group of new technologies, libraries and databases, which later you will have to make it work; And all this without neglecting scalability, good performance and correct cross-platform operation.

Today I would like to browse and list the most important frameworks, which will undoubtedly offer all development companies the greatest confidence; at the time of creating your cross-platform apps.

Mobile App Builder

One of the best frameworks to create apps without having programming knowledge. All you have to do is find the best mobile app maker. Its application builder is very complete and easy to use. And, in addition, it is adapted to all kinds of companies and sectors. Comparatively it is one of the best options on the market for quality and price and hence its rapid growth in recent years.

The strength of this platform is its visual editor and ease of use: you can create an application in just 15 minutes of course, without knowing how to program. It has a series of predesigned templates that you can then adapt to the corporate image of your company. You will be able to develop your mobile application for Android or iOS.

For example, APPSTYLO is the best free app builder which offers all these features at one place. It is emerging rapidly in 2020.


Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned Framework that facilitates the development of cross-platform applications, being able to take advantage almost entirely of the code from one application to another.

Xamarin especially favors C # and .NET experts, these being the languages ​​it focuses on; This is a great feature, since most frameworks currently focus on JavaScript and HTML.

Through its API it allows you to generate apps aesthetically similar to the native ones and it allows you to include the Objective-C, Java and C ++ libraries without any problem and it presents a complete adaptation to the Visual Studio editor of Microsoft itself.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery is an HTML5 framework focused on finding the perfect operation within a website or a mobile application. Its biggest advantage lies in the fact that with a single version of code it can not only run on all devices regardless of their operating system, but also; It is capable of being executed without problems on Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Kindle and even lesser-known operating systems; like Nook or MEEGO.

jQuery Mobile offers us multiple pre-built components such as: Image Slider, Content Slider or Pop-Up Boxes. The code written with jQuery, compared to other codes that offer the same characteristics; it is almost always smaller, and the result is simpler, more interactive and easier to use interfaces. Another important point is that it is fully optimized for SEO web hosting.


Unity and Unity 3D is one of the most important repositories focused on the creation of video games. Now it is ready to offer you the possibility of developing augmented reality apps, working together with AWS and Google Maps, it also allows you to save and load data in the cloud, implement asset packages and programmable objects, or learn advanced programming concepts.

I have considered including it here, as a sponsor of SDKs focused on creating virtual reality applications; along with other possibilities; Among which we can find: Unreal Engine, iOS ARKIT, ARCORE, Vuforia, WIKITUDE, EASYAR, KUDAN or ARTOOLKIT + but all of these, we better leave them for a review some other day.

Angular Mobile UI

Angular Mobile is an open source framework that helps develop some of the most important applications on the Internet; By supporting multiple browsers, Mobile Angular UI automatically handles the appropriate JavaScript code for each browser.

The mobile angular user interface consists of many interactive components like switches, overlays and sidebars, thus offering a robust mobile experience to its users.

Especially indicated for developers who prefer Angular and Bootstrap that allows you to build through HTML5 without major problems; and it is able to take advantage of agile server-side support that supports complex applications with ease provided by the Angular implementation.

Native Script

Emerged in 2020 as hybrid application framework, Native Scripts is backed by a Bulgarian software company, Telerik. It was originally created by Progress. Applications created with Native Scripts use the same APIs as if they were built with XCODE or Android studio.

The official Native Scripts website continually provides resources and tutorials for budding developers so they can learn to work in this framework like a pro.


Choosing one is almost impossible, so it is at the discretion of our experience: APPSTYLO.  Since it offers a unique way to create mobile applications for iOS and Android, it could probably be the future of all frameworks. It makes app development an intriguing job for developers and makes it easy for them to create interactive applications.

Now that you have an open book for the best and most modern hybrid frameworks for 2020, if you want to develop your Mobile App you can do it yourself without hiring a developer.

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