Upcoming Trends For Mobile Game Development in 2020


2020 is going to be a phenomenal year when it comes to mobile game development trends. Mobile game development companies are working around the clock to come up with the state-of-the-art technological advancements and game features.

Globally the mobile gaming industry is facing a paradigm shift thanks to the stiff competition revolving around gaming developers. For instance, one of the best mobile game development companies– Mobzway, has set the bar high for other mobile game developers.

The company next-generation technology and innovative developers have catapulted mobile game development not just in India and also across the globe. Below are some of the mobile gaming trends gamers should expect in 2020.

Improved User Interface & User Experience 

Mobile game development companies are so far taking the gaming user interface and experience up a notch. It’s a known fact that Games that are appealing to the eye are most likely to attract more gamers. On the other hand, Developers might be having an excellent gaming interface but poor user experience that eventually leads to a game not being engaging or enjoyable.

Some of the most popular trending games have great UI and UX. We expect that 2020 will be a year of significant change, especially for mobile game development in India, as gamers should look forward to better UI/UX improvements.

Cloud Gaming

Another mobile gaming trend we expect this year is Cloud gaming. This type of gaming entails gamers directly streaming games on their mobile devices. The cloud technology has a server that operates by streaming the game video of the gameplay.

A game’s input command usually is sent to the cloud games server network, hence making your smartphone to receive just the games video and audio. The advantage of cloud gaming is that it’s a video service that allows gamers to stream highly interactive games.

Mobile game development in India will adopt cloud gaming this year thanks to improved network connectivity, installation-free games, and also instant gameplays. Cloud gaming and streaming is the future of mobile gaming as demand for interactive and engaging games is relatively high.

Cross-Platform Technology

This year and the foreseeable future look bright for mobile gamers. Mobile game development companies are finally adapting to cross-platform technology where a similar game is compatible with different mobile operating systems.

It has been a challenge for gamers when playing a game. Still, they are unable to interact with players using a different operating system, or they are unable to play due to OS game incompatibility. Technological improvement will increase the number of gamers across the globe and also improve the experience of the game.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality games

2020 is a year where gamers should expect a rise in both the AR and VR games. The AR games give players the privilege to play in a simulated gaming environment that maximizes the gaming experience.

The VR and AR setup combines with social media platforms that make it worthwhile and highly interactive. To stay afloat, and beat their competitors, developers are looking into the AR and VR games as these games are in a different league.

Handheld Consoles

This year is indeed exciting for mobile gamers as popular older console games will integrate with the mobile platforms. Players have been in an anticipatory mood because of waiting for the transition of console games into the mobile platforms.

The switch will provide gamers with convenience as their popular games will play using a handheld mobile device. With the improvement in mobile technology, handheld consoles expect to trend in 2020 and also in the next coming years.

Inclusive games

Developers expect 2020 to have highly inclusive and diverse mobile games that cut across all age brackets. The games will fully embrace diversity in terms of cultural backgrounds, gender, sexuality, and things of that nature. 

These mobile games should be interactive, contain all the latest features and technology, but, in the end, lean towards equality. 


Mobile Game Development Companies are always on the lookout for game updates, new features that increased user gaming experience. Lastly, mobile game design and functionality are most likely to improve. 2020 indeed looks promising for mobile gamers. They should be looking forward to more hyper-realistic and state of the art games that are interactive and highly entertaining.

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