What is twitter aggregation and how to use it for marketing

What is Twitter aggregation


          Twitter is an immensely popular social media platform known for its micro-blogging trait with over 500  million tweets a day and over 100 million daily users.

It is an idiosyncratic platform, where the user-generated content has more information and knowledge value than the entertainment value which is not the case in most social media platforms.

For Businesses, It has become a tremendous opportunity with its snowballing user base every year, connecting Business to consumers and other external stakeholders.

Now that we know what Twitter is and where it stands in the present-day social media spectrum.

Let’s understand what Twitter aggregation is and How is it beneficial for any business.

What is Twitter aggregation?

The availability of real-time updates, news, and flow of information enabling global interactions with the idea of sharing your content to a big audience and create limitless networking possibilities in an effective and efficient manner makes Twitter a go-to-platform for the marketers.

But the question that arises for businesses is how to channel this buzz that you have created on Twitter to advertise your product, attract more customers, increase conversions and enhance brand awareness.

Well! We have the perfect solution to answer these questions for you.

Twitter Aggregation

Yes, Twitter aggregation is the process of assembling and integrating the Twitter content from timelines and feeds based on diverse but relevant hashtags, mentions, handles and keywords into a dedicated exclusive feed using a tool called twitter aggregator. These exclusive Twitter feeds can then be displayed as interactive digital feeds at an event, seminar, public places, conferences or any other corporate convention and also you can embed these feeds onto your website to make it more interactive, trustworthy and exciting.

As a business, Twitter aggregation can be used to display interesting content, develop a connection between social media, business and consumer, initiate conversations and show real-time buzz and activity about the business to the audience and amplify engagement by encouraging them to share their opinions, views, ideas, photos, videos or experience and feature on the feed.

We have listed out the diverse possibilities of Twitter aggregation for your marketing efforts.

1. Catering to users needs and interests

        Twitter majorly being an informational and knowledge-sharing platform provides content which highlights the sentiments of the users. It reflects their opinions, interests and what trends they are following and their buying behavior.

Spammy promotional content is a big push-off in the digital environment for the consumers and for your marketing to be effective, it needs to be personalized and precise.

Understanding these elements gives your business an edge as you can refine relevant content and aggregate that into your business. This will result in target promotion where users will access what they are interested in or are curious about.

2. Enable interactive marketing

        Marketing is proven to be more impactful when users are involved in it. Twitter aggregation gives you that impact by bringing in the element of interactive marketing. Interactive marketing is where the consumers are expressing their likings, interests, preferences and experiences and business is formulating the marketing plan accordingly.

Users feel more valued and respected when they are involved in the communication and activities of the business. This results in customer loyalty, positive brand image and better relationship building among the business and users.

3. Ever-beneficial user-generated content

        User-generated content for social media is exactly what cheese is for a pizza. The essence!  Isn’t it?  User-generated content is the most trustworthy source of content in the digital environment in today’s world.

As a business, promoting user-generated content attracts more visitors than any other alternative. People tend to read reviews, feedback or what other users have to say before making a purchase decision. And UGC provides just that. 

Twitter aggregation allows you to display live twitter feeds by accumulating user generated content using keywords, handles, mentions, and hashtags.

4. A resourceful and efficient alternative

        Twitter aggregation is an amazingly resourceful and efficient tool for creating promotional content for your business. As you are curating and posting content generated over Twitter into the feed. You do not have to make an extra investment for developing promotional content.

And since it is coming from a vast audience, the intensity of creativity and exciting content would be higher due to limitless brains are creating this content and you can further filter out the most impactful and creative pieces and display on your Twitter feed.

5. Unleash link building possibilities

        This is an understated advantage of Twitter aggregation where users are creating a diverse network of links related to your business over digital platforms.

The relevant mentions, hashtags, and keywords exhibiting your business establish better search engine rankings and positive brand image. Besides, it also creates brand awareness and attracts new fresh leads to the business.


        As we have identified what Twitter aggregation is and how marketing can benefit from it.

Twitter is so popular among users as it is an easy-to-use platform with a simplistic user interface allowing users to share relevant, exciting and newsworthy information for the world to see as it has a mountainous potential reach.

Therefore, it becomes essential for a business to unlock the opportunities and gather all possible leads and the Twitter aggregator is just the tool to do it for you.

So, Don’t wait anymore and lift the curtains and let the show begin.

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