These days, not having social media feeds on your websites looks so unprofessional and boring.

Using user-generated content from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others to display customer experience is a smart and brilliant way to integrate social presence with your digital presence.

This article throws light on the fact that why you should consider embedding social media feeds on your website in the first place.

Come, let’s learn about these fruitful benefits.

  1. Integrate Your Social Presence With Your Digital Presence

When you embed social media feeds on your website, you basically bring your social profiles to your digital profiles.

It not only allows you to display user-experience to your website visitors but also allows you to shuffle your traffic between your social media platforms and digital platform.

Shoppable posts on social media can lead your social media traffic to your website while displaying link embedded social feeds on your website can lead your traffic to your social media profiles. This way you can shuffle your traffic between the two platforms easily.

When you embed social media feeds on your website, then you allow your those regular customers who are not aware of your social media presence to get to know about it. This way you can attract potential traffic to your social media channel also.

  • Make Your Website More Attractive

Social media feeds embedded on your website are like the seasoning element to your website’s boring dishes. It adds color, vibrancy, and dynamic character to your website.

Hence, embedding social media feeds on your website helps you to make your website more attractive. It presents a more user-friendly and visually appealing character of your website.

Not only that, when your website is more attractive and engaging now, users stay on your website for longer time duration and even come back for more.

This betters the performance of your website.

  • Display User-Generated Content

Social media platforms are like this infinite pool of user-generated content where you just need to pour your bucket and you have this amazing content to display to your audience for your brand promotion.

We all know that content is the king in today’s marketing world. User-generated content is the king of kings then. No other marketing tactics hover nearby when user-generated content enters the field.

Users love it. Marketers love it. Brands love it. Therefore, displaying user-generated content on your website by embedding social media feeds on it is a great way to display user-generated content.

  • Boost User Engagement and Interaction

People tend to follow people. When your users and website visitors see you displaying their fellow peers’ social media posts being displayed on your website, somewhere down there heart, secretly they also wish the same.

In that interest, they also post your brand-related content on social media using your brand hashtags. This increases user engagement with your brand and their interaction with it. More people post and talk about your brand, more is the user engagement and interaction.

Not only that, but it also helps to spread the word of mouth marketing about your brand, spreading a buzz about it on social media. Many brands have successfully used this tactic to increase their brand awareness and user engagement.

  • Improve Dwell-Time

When people engage and interact with your brand on social media, they tend to search you more on the internet. This leads them to your website.

When they reach on your website and see social media feeds being displayed on your website, they are overwhelmed by the homogeneity of your brand presentation.

This inspires them to stay longer and explore more about your brand and your website. This helps to increase the dwell-time thus improving your website metrics.

  • Decrease Bounce Rate

An increased dwell time metrics is always accompanied by a reduced bounce rate metrics.

By bounce rate, we mean the rate at which users leave your website in the middle of an action or just after visiting the first webpage.

This generally happens because visitors find your website content irrelevant and boring. You can eradicate this flaw by providing them with a better, interesting, and relevant content.

What could be more interesting than social media! Hence, embedding social media feeds on your website allows you to decrease your bounce rate.

  • Improve Your Conversion

If you own an e-commerce business, then displaying user-generated content via embedded social media feeds on your website helps you to earn customer loyalty.

It helps them to make a better and informed decision while making the purchase. They may refer to the recommendations and reviews of fellow buyers about a product before buying it.

This helps to drive their purchasing decision in your favor thereby converting your visitors into your customers. This helps to increase the conversion rate and grow your customer base and revenues.

  • Build Social Trust

Displaying user-generated content via embedded social media feeds like instagram feeds, facebook feeds, twitter feeds presents the authenticity and credibility for your brand that your loyal customers vouch for.

This helps to build and generated social trust, not only among your present customer base but also among those who are aspiring to be your customers while visiting your website.

In today’s world, when the competition is stiff and the fight between the fake and real is intensifying, it becomes really important to provide your users with constant social proof of your good quality of services and products.

Embedding social media feeds on your website helps you to do so, that too in real-time and on a continuous basis.

Final Words

We just discussed the major benefits of embedding social media feeds on your website.

Hopefully, they were convincing enough.

So, what are you still waiting for?

Try the best social media feeds embedding platforms today and revolutionize your website performance.

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