Why SEO is important for startups?

Why SEO is important for startups

There are a lot of challenges for startups like revenue generation, business expansion, stability, and establishing a branded name in the competitive market, etc. Moreover, they need to maintain their online reputation in order to reach the target audience. SEO can certainly fulfill these requirements of any startup by increasing the organic traffic on its website. This is natural or free traffic which means that a user reaches the site directly searching for the things of his/her interest via search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.  For these startups need to make their website user-friendly and get better rank in search engine result listings. They must hire a reliable digital marketing company which can precisely understand their business requirements and then implements the required SEO needed to grow their business.

Here are the major benefits of SEO for startups.

1. Enhances local visibility

Local SEO ranks your website higher in the search results of keywords which are related to the local market. So the number of local people visiting your website will increase and you will get orders/queries about your products or services that you provide.  It is necessary to define the behaviour and preferences of your target audience.

So it is best to do sound keyword research and also design your website in a way that your target audience lands directly on the page that they are looking for.  The startup gets popular soon locally.

 2. Boosts global visibility

Besides the local area, you also need to target global audiences for your business.  The commonly used off page techniques of SEO like backlinks building, ad posting, blog commenting, high-quality content posting, and guest posting can rank your site at the first page of search results.

 Guest posting or blog outreach is extremely useful to boost your website ranking in a shorter duration of time. You must focus on posting unique and quality content that is useful for your customers. A lot of organic or natural traffic comes to your site with the increase in number of people viewing your guest posts and landing to your hyperlinked web pages. This enhances the global visibility of your startup.

 3. Better standing than competitors

There are a lot of competitors in the same domain as yours who target the same market for business. Search engine optimization enables to rank your website ahead of competitors site which eliminates the risk of losing potential customers.  Let’s take the example of some competitive advantage SEO sites.

Amazon, Wikipedia, LinkedIn, Yelp, and SmashingMagazine have high-quality content that is uploaded dynamically with query demand.   These sites have a large network of participants who share the content on social networks which is very difficult for competitors to match. Your startup continues to have an upper hand in business and the website becomes more popular.

 4. Establishes a prominent User Experience

High-quality content posted on your website enables your startup to disseminate information about your products/services in a better manner.  SEO specifies to keep your site content simple and easy to understand so that even a person who is less familiar with your industry gets properly convinced. This builds better user experience since site visitors easily understand the concern.

Your website can be ranked higher in Google search results by enhancing both usability and user experience (UX). UX has a direct link with site usability which is about how website visitors can do basic tasks without any confusion. Website design, usability, and digital marketing altogether play an important part. Users will be happy to spend more time on your site if it is simple to navigate. A simple user interface will certainly provide a better user experience that helps in increasing traffic and improving conversions that are directly correlated with SEO.

 Google tracks how visitors are using your site and the bounce rate increases if the visitors quickly abandon the site. So you must install a heat-map system to keep a track of click behavior of your site visitors and choose those colors which are appealing for users to improve overall UX.

5. Yields high productivity at much lower cost

 SEO is meant to optimize the startups business. Since startups can’t invest much for their ads, the ad posting via SEO is a pocket-friendly way to increase your online presence. There are a lot of free ad posting/business listing sites where you can advertise or list your business.  SEO is economical while being highly productive.

 SEO enhances global performance so while investing in SEO the important aspects to be considered include UX, content, technical performance, etc.  By clearly determining what our target audience is looking for and their preference, SEO facilitates more leads by proper planning and performing extensive analysis.

6.  The site runs well even on mobile

Smartphones users prefer to see the website anytime on their mobile as it can easily be carried anywhere. A website that is not mobile compatible is of no use as a lot of potential customers will be lost. SEO uses the online resources to make your website mobile friendly and this is pocket-friendly as well.  App store optimization (ASO) is the SEO for a mobile app so that the app gets high ranking in the app store or play store results.  An ideal mobile app development company should also have a team of digital marketing professionals for ASO purpose.

7.  Less loading time of the site

SEO maintains fast loading sped of your website because loading time is an important factor in search ranking algorithms. The site with less loading time will rank better on search results. It’s a part of on-page SEO.

So it is necessary to choose the right host that suits our business size. Heavy images adversely affect the loading time of the site so image optimization should be done by using online resources like https://tinypng.com/  so that the site loads quickly.

Page speed Insight (https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?hl=en) is a tool that is used to improve  page speed and also shows how a website is working.

 Webpage test ( http://www.webpagetest.org/) is  another free online tool  that presents charts for a web page performance test.   

 So to summarize, SEO is important for startups and also for any enterprise. It is necessary to maintain long-term stability for success in business.

Author Bio:

Paru Saxena, Sales head at TechIngenious – A Mobile app development company in India.. Writing is my passion and I am writing from the past 5 years.  I have a proven track of record in sales & business development with leading organizations. 

I am Digital Marketing executive and CEO of Web Configure Technology company in India, I have more than 14 years experience in digital marketing field, For the gain of experience I have done jobs in some reputed company in Mumbai - Pune - Nashik and now I got a completely unique strategy to build the business